December 5, 2022

CZ Binance claims that FTX is facing some liquidity issue and asked them for help which includes an acquisition and cover FTX’s liquidity crunch and will be conducting a full due diligence check on them before proceeding and they signed a Non-Binding LOI to protect their money.
We shall wait and see if FTX is willing to accept binance’s terms.
This is a border line good news, if FTX is really bankrupt the whole crypto market will see a huge red candle.
Binance (Formerly FTX (Formerly Blockfolio))

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CZ Binance might be acquiring FTXcom
SBF said FTX indirectly telling users there is some issue on FTX thus need binance’s help :O

00:00 Intro & Disclaimer
00:36 Previously On War Of Moby Dicks
02:41 Who Won?
07:37 Thoughts
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