November 30, 2022

Tune in to Market Talks with Tim Warren. This episode’s special guest is Yashu Gola, a financial analyst and technology journalist at Cointelegraph. In this episode, we’ll discuss the Fed’s latest interest rate hikes and their impact on the crypto market. We’ll also cover why there might be more pain in store for Bitcoin in the near future and what the price could be by the end of this year.

0:00 Intro
3:14 What were your thoughts about the Fed meeting?
5:24 Do you think the announcement was good for the market?
7:16 Did Powell imply that the stock market and crypto could see a further downside?
10:24 Bitcoin price prediction for the end of this year.
12:50 Cup and handle Bitcoin chart analysis
14:16 Do you think there is a chance the Fed can manage a soft landing?
17:06 Is there a chance people in conflict zones will start moving to crypto to secure their funds?
19:19 Do you think the Fed has a good plan to fight inflation?
21:07 How long before we see a ray of hope in the crypto market?
23:06 Do you think the Fed gave investors clarity on what’s to come in the near future?
26:41 What do you think the future of crypto regulation looks like?
29:53 Considering Gary Gensler’s stance on Ethereum, do you think it could be in trouble?
31:48 Do you think Gensler might understand blockchain technology but not the decentralized nature of staking?
33:50 Will government regulations in crypto squeeze blockchain technology?

The content of this show does not constitute financial advice.

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