December 3, 2022

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Will The Fed Crash The Stock Market? We got the 75 basis point fed rate hike and old uncle J. Powell has did us dirty yet again, but does that mean we are toast? Nope…we are about to see a huge push up with a near term relief rally. Buckle up…it is about to get interesting.

What did Paul Volcker cause when he headed the Fed? Well I go over the two recessions that he helped to create.

Is the Federal Reserve going to crash everything around us to counter act the massive government spending? I see them having little choice at this point then to go very aggressive. Nothing is for free, so all the free money coming from the government is only making things worse in my opinion.

I wanted to go over the truth about recessions and bear markets. We also touch on the best stocks to buy now for a recession. This is a good one.

Why is the stock market crashing this time? How low will the stock market go.

I talk about the Stimulus check 2023 or even the stimulus check 2022 that we may see from the government. The NIO stock price prediction is getting toasted as well. We will see what happens next.

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Will The Fed Crash The Stock Market?

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