December 4, 2022

Inery is a decentralized data management solution powered by a proprietary layer-1 blockchain.


🔹 Inery Blockchain
– Offers high throughput and unparalleled speed
– Provides scalability to meet global demand and enable dApps deployment
– Guarantees security against Sybil attacks through self-delegated PoS
– Ensures energy efficiency using proof-of-stake mechanism consensus
– Adopts low transaction and processing costs within the ecosystem
– Ensures tamper-resistance by enabling value contracts on every block

🔸 Inery Database Management Solution (IneryDB)
– Facilitates data and transaction interoperability across chains for data accessibility and portability
– Provides a GUI for developers to create and deploy dApps
– Allows creation of value contracts with pre-defined permissions to owner-controlled assets
– Enables clients to structure data while enabling complex query searches and indexing and CRUD operations
– Enables user-centric data management via private keys

🔹 Fundraising
Inery has raised $7.5M in seed and private fundraising rounds

🔸 Core Team
Dr. Naveen Singh – Co-Founder and CEO
Ivan Vujic – Co-Founder and CTO
Simon Murray – Chairman
Vincent Irlweck – Chief Marketing Officer

🔹 Advisors
Satjiv S. Chahil
Ex-VP of Global Marketing of Apple
David Munro Anderson
A pioneer in the establishment of the futures contract trading industry.
Bally Singh
Chief Marketing Officer at Everdome and Metahero.
Stefan Oksner
A business development expert representing investors of the Middle East in Ukraine.
Paul Taylor
Chief Strategy Officer at Fantasy Studios
Obi Cubana
Leads a community of 3 Million

🔹 Investors
Cap Lion Point
Nebulous Holding
caplion point
Menas Global
Frist Media Advance
Zazen switzerland
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