December 6, 2022

Breaking news FTX FTT Exchange is insolvent ~ Bankrupt? Or it’s just a marketing scheme of binance to cover something up and grab their client base? Conspiracy theory 101 in the crypto space!
Take this video with a pinch of salt, make the decisions on your own and if you lose money it’s on your research and understanding no one else to blame, I lose money I don’t blame anyone but myself.

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FTX Token holder list on Etherscan

News time-line
6 October – a hacker drains $580 million #bnb
7 November – Binance starts dumping $580 million #ftt
7 November – FTX urging CZ to stop dumping ftt
8 November – CZ willing to stop dumping and trade all their ftt if FTX/Alameda Research gives them $580 million in BNB.

00:00 Intro & Disclaimer
00:41 Should You Keep Funds On FTX?
02:14 FTX News
08:52 FTX Confirmed They Are Fine
11:43 CZ Doesn’t Support SBF Actions?
14:43 Why Is Binance Selling FTT?
21:21 Am I Selling Or Buying FTT?
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*No Financial advice is given, Only My Personal Opinions, Do it at your own risks!*
*Please invest responsibly and do your research.*
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