November 24, 2022

#selfreinvention Day 23. I’ve not uploaded an update about our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament prep journey for a few days, so I thought doing this exercise routine would be a nice way to get back on track. We just came back from Buscalan yesterday (to get tattooed by Apo Whang-od)… so getting “started” today was kinda tough LOL but we managed to get over it, so, horaaay!

I am grateful for 23 days of being able to commit to doing something to improve, whether big or small 👊 We still got a long way to go until January tournament😅

Anyway, I’d like to thank for assisting us in our training. I’ll let you crypto people know more about this community platform down the road. But you can download their app now to check them out (there’s nothing to pay or purchase) 🙂

Credits to Nathan Harmon for the speech:

May your hard work in personal and financial goals pay off!

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