November 24, 2022

Take back the power by moving your Crypto to a cold storage wallet. For this video I am going to be using the Ledger Nano S! This video is applicable to all Ledger devices.
During the last few months, we have seen so many centralized exchanges go down and wreck a lot of people! Don’t be a victim. Enjoy!

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Ledger Live Startup Page:

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0:00 – Introduction
1:58 – Purchasing Ledger
2:57 – Unboxing Ledger
4:13 – Downloading Ledger Live
6:03 – Setting up Ledger
7:55 – Ledger Live interface rundown
9:02 – Adding accounts/ Networks to your Ledger Live account
9:30 – Sending Crypto to your Ledger
10:36 – Outro

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