November 30, 2022

On today’s episode of “The Macro Trading Floor,” Andreas and Alfonso welcome Brent Donnelly President of Spectra Markets for a discussion on the economic weakness around the world.

With market participants focusing on the U.S as Powell continues to fight inflation, Brent reminds us that the real stress is not in the U.S, but elsewhere. Looking to Canada, Brent walks through the fragility he sees in the Canadian economy, and discusses vulnerability in the housing market as mortgages reprice with higher interest rates. Finally, Brent shares his actionable trade idea, but to hear that, you’ll have to tune in!

Today, The Macro compass graduates from the biggest macro newsletter in the world to an all-round platform whose aim is to help investors fill the data, tools and macro knowledge gap they unfortunately face versus Wall Street.

It will be a macro learning journey filled with educational reports, interactive tools and actionable portfolio strategy to help you become a better macro investor. And if you are an institutional investor already, the Pro tier will help sharpen your macro game through dedicated professional products and tools.

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00:00 Introduction
00:50 Top Stories of The Week
11:36 Feature Interview With Brent Donnelly
16:24 Drawing Comparisons Between 2022 & 2001
21:19 Brent’s Outlook On Inflation
29:16 The Housing Market
33:45 Brent’s Actionable Trade Idea
42:21 Post Interview: Final Thoughts
53:38 Launching The Macro Compass Platform

Disclaimer: Nothing discussed on The Macro Trading Floor should be considered as investment advice. Please always do your own research & speak to a financial advisor before thinking about, thinking about putting your money into these crazy markets.

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